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A few words about us

Jim Floyd, a native of Delaware, is the inspiration behind F&S Yachts. Jim lives in Middletown with his wife Barbara. Jim’s construction talents were evident at an early age, and he entered the woodworking trades in his early 20’s. He quickly formed his own home construction business and practiced as a master carpenter and cabinet maker in northern Delaware for many years.

Jim is a life long outdoorsman and has hunted and fished most of the east coast as well as many of those exotic destinations we all dream about. He began his offshore career in a 23 foot SeaCraft, fishing the East Coast Canyons on down to the Gulf Stream off Hatteras. While in Hatteras, he became fascinated with the custom boats of the Carolinas. At that time, in the late 70’s, a few small custom shops were beginning to refine the efforts of the early pioneers. Jim spent hundreds of hours in Carolina shops studying design and construction techniques. He began to experiment with the resins and glass fabrics available to builders and to look for new products to add strength without weight to a boats hull. He continued to hone his boat building skills by finishing a Carolina hull, which he then fished offshore for the next ten years or so.

Jim never forgot the days when his SeaCraft brought him home in seas that would have ended the careers for many 23 footers. The variable deadrise hull design of the SeaCraft was unique and stands out as one of the best riding hulls in the industry. Jim decided that it was time to combine a similar bottom design with a large offshore hull, the topsides of which would carry lines similar to the now famous North Carolina fleet. He built a scale model hull of such a craft, and the rest of the story is now boat building history. The original model was used to create the first F&S, the 59 foot Fin-Ally. Built in the unlikely location of a Middletown chicken house, the boat was immediately recognized for its tremendous sea keeping abilities, speed, and graceful lines.

While the Fin-Ally was, and still is, a head-turning, hard-working, sports fisherman, Jim has continued to study, improve, and refine the boat-building craft, striving to build the ultimate offshore fishing machine. Many of his admirers would argue that he is now close. The lines of Jim’s boats are clean and classic. His knowledge of cold molding hulls is second to none. The strength that Jim builds into an F&S yacht is unparalleled in the custom boat industry.

From the humble origins of a craftsman’s dream, Jim and his brainchild F&S Boatworks, is now recognized as one of the premier yacht builders world-wide. Jim intends to continue building the strongest, most seaworthy and attractive boats in the industry, always remembering that the pointy end goes forward.


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